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Snowy O'Grady

With one of the coldest low pressure systems in years on its way I had a particular shot in mind at O'Grady Falls at the base of Mount Wellington. The snow was predicted to fall at sea level so I thought there was no chance of arriving at my destination which turned out to be a lot easier than I thought. Take a look at the last two photos, Unfortunately with the high winds a tree had blown down which stopped anyone driving any further up the mountain. The one with no snow was when I arrived and the one covered in snow was one hour later when I left.

The walk into the falls is an easy one along a fire trail. Once at the falls I grabbed a few shots then left, luckily I left when I did! As per the last shot at the gate it had dumped a few centimetres of snow and if I had waited any longer I would have been snowed in and not able to drive off the mountain.

Unfortunately it hadn't snowed enough the night before so the shots were not exactly what I had in mind but I am more prepared for next time.

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