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Tasmania's Aurora Australis

In the right conditions Aurora's can be seen in the Southern region of Tasmania. "The effect is caused by the interaction of charged particles from the sun with atoms in the upper atmosphere. In northern and southern regions it is respectively called aurora borealis or Northern Lights and aurora australis or Southern Lights" (copied straight from google) here is a small collection of some that I have seen over the past two years.

This one was so big that the my lens couldn't capture the whole event in one frame. Rsl Beach South Arm

This Aurora was high enough above the horizon that it was able to be seen without any hills or mountains in the shot.

This was the best one I have seen to date. This one was taken just in time for a satellite to come into shot. Goats Beach South Arm

The photo was taken only a minutes walk from my door step. It was a bright enough show to be seen from the northern suburbs of Hobart.

The lights dancing on top of Mount Wellington

Another bright show from Howrah Beach on Hobart Eastern shore. Can you see the face in the cloud?

Another from Rsl Beach South Arm

A selfie from atop of Mont Wellington.

Another from Howrah Beach with a little glow from the waves crashing on the beach.

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