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Time = Money

I never had the need to understand the saying "time = Money" until after having kids. After our recent family holiday to Bali I came to the realisation that my time allocation had majorly shifted and photography had been sacrificed to make time for our family which is ok. Anyone who has had children has made sacrifices it comes with the territory. Good time allocation is key to a balanced life and unfortunately "my time" (photography) has been put on the back burner for now. **disclosure, I am not complaining about having children. I am sure when they move out, become really wealthy and start giving cash hand outs its all worth it!**

I could make the choice and take "my time" from elsewhere but the sacrifices needed to be made just don't fit in with our current lifestyles and providing for our children future, So here is my plan.

Time is money! Photography for me is a passion not necessarily an income, I do some paid work but it's not my major source of income. I am now going to make an effort to shift some time from elsewhere into more paid photography work allowing for me to still provide for our family and take photos! If it takes weeks or decades this is something I'm passionate about and will make it happen.

Thank you for your patience between posts on all social media fronts and hopefully you will start to see regular posts again.

Sincerely yours

Time Lord

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